Brain Sandwich

December 17th, 2007

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This summer I visited Ferguson’s Pub in St. Louis, pursuing the holy grail of sandwich related journalism: the Brain Sandwich. This massive chunk of beef brain has been increasingly hard to find, due to fears of Mad Cow disease and general disgustingness, but St. Louis remains blissfully willing to consider the following as edible:

Brain Sandwich 001

Not much in the way of ingredients, the brain sandwich overwhelms a couple of pickle slices and two small pieces of rye (destroyed by the hard deep fried texture of the brain like wooden ships against a rocky coast). Onions are supplied for those inclined…

Brain Sandwich 002

The sandwich itself is remarkably tasty at first – the edges have a high surface area to mass ratio, meaning you get a lot of deep fried goodness per mouthful of brain. However, as you get deeper into the organ, it starts to squirt fluid into your mouth with each bite, and the texture becomes much wetter and less crunchy. As you reach the middle of the sandwich, the realization that you’re eating undercooked brain replaces any remaining enjoyment with a wholly blanketing nausea.

Brain Sandwich 003

I’m looking forward to my inevitable case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

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November 27th, 2007

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I used to be a lox skeptic. Smoked fish in general is great, I thought, and broiled salmon is a foodstuff of unsurpassed beauty, but lox is just slimy and unpleasant, in addition to being a waste of perfectly good fish.

But that was before Mäuno gave me some lox that was homemade according to a cherished family recipe. I have been converted. In much the same way that I never really liked scotch until I tried a nice single-malt instead of a cheap blend, I was more than happy to do without lox until I had some really good stuff.

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