A New Sandwich for America

January 20th, 2009

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A veritable shitload of people gathered on and around the National Mall today, to celebrate the inauguration of a new President. Some waited for hours in the bitter cold or drove from hundreds of miles away; others were lucky enough to arrive and find a place to stand fifteen minutes before the ceremonies started. People of every race, creed, and color were standing together, united in one common trait — hunger.

Seriously, though, I knew I’d be standing out there a long time. So I brought sandwiches.

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April 16th, 2008

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One of my enduring shames is the amount of food I allow to go bad. Every trip to the grocery store is full of high hopes and good intentions, but any perishables I buy often end up, well, perishing. I’ve thrown out potatoes that had more eyes than a beholder, sealed plastic bags full of a viscous goop that used to be cut salad, loaves of bread engulfed by the penicillin equivalent of Trantor—and even cold cuts well past being well past their prime.

This time, I said to myself, would be different. And it has been! Before today, I hadn’t brought lunch from home in ages. Here’s hoping this trend continues.

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