Tobacco Quay

April 28th, 2009

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Another day, another exam. Ho-hum. The parol evidence rule(s); third-party beneficiaries; claims, defenses, and remedies under the UCC? Who cares — I’ve got this tasty “Tobacco Quay” sandwich from the overpriced deli by school. It’s basically just tuna salad, but it’s very well made.

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Property Pizzandwich

April 23rd, 2009

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Today I get to write about the law of [real] property — landlord-tenant disputes, adverse possession, wild deeds, and eminent domain. I don’t know what any of it means, but I do know that this is one tasty sandwich: it’s like a pizza, but it’s on bread! Also it has no tomato sauce and it’s at room temperature. Quiet, you.

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Ira Sandwich, Jackson, NJ

June 4th, 2007

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It was either this Ira or the Monte Cristo, and I think I got the better half of that deal, tentacled nature of this sandwich notwithstanding.  I can’t seem to find an official list of ingredients, but it looked like onions, tomatoes, a generous mass of mozzarella on rye.  I can’t remember if bacon was involved or not.


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The Count

June 3rd, 2007

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Monte Cristo

I ordered this because I didn’t know what it was, and because Google changed the syntax on the Google SMS search. It used to be you could send an SMS that said, for example, d monte cristo sandwich and you’d get a useful result. Apparently nowadays you have to spell out define instead of d, or you get a response along the lines of “Huh?”

It was at this point that my cellphone decided that it wasn’t getting any signal after all (thanks, T-Mobile) so I was out of even rudimentary contact with the internet. And, of course, I wasn’t about to ask the waitress what the hell a Monte Cristo was.

In short, I don’t regret having gotten this sandwich, since one must always keep an open mind and it’s nice to try new things. That said, I have no desire to ever eat another one of these so long as I live, because it was absolutely disgusting. Apparently meat and cheese don’t go very well with French toast.

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